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Monthly HOA Meetings

Our Woodwind Lakes HOA meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Windfern MUD building at Gessner at Mauna Loa. The meetings start at 5:30 PM sharp.

We start at this time to be able to discuss important topics and issues to our community. The meetings usually end by 9:00 PM, but at times we are there even later. We realize this early time does not work for many residents for a variety of reasons, but at around 7:00 PM we have 30 minutes of “open discussion” for any resident wishing to address the HOA Board.

If you are not able to attend the meetings the meeting notes are posted on our website, www.woodwindlakes.us

Woodwind Lakes Sinkholes Update 1-19-16

Woodwind Lakes HOA (Ray Pavia), MUD 261 (Larry Goldberg & Jason Van Loo), TOPS ( Nathan White) and Greater Houston Landscape (Ryan Patterson)are working closely together to determine the cause of the sinkholes and the sinkholes will be repaired as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and support.

MUD #261 Board met on 1-14-16 and discussed erosion issues at Lake 1. Yesterday, a TOPS representative (Nathan White, cc'd), the District Engineer and a Geotechnical Engineer met at Lake 1 to review the sinkholes. Preliminary indications are that the soil around Lake 1 is high in sodium. High sodium levels may result in the erosion issues the Lake(s) is/are currently experiencing. The Board and District Engineer are waiting on the final report from the Geotechnical Engineer.

Aside from soil composition concerns, loss of back-slope swale and inadequate drainage may also be a factor. As you are likely aware, the MUD recently took bids to repair the back-slope swale in the area behind and adjacent to the waterfall on Lake 2 where a sinkhole was identified and repaired last year. The District Engineer suggested, and the Board agreed, to allow the contractor the Board will likely retain for Lake 2 to review the drainage situation at Lake 1. Additional swale work to address identified drainage issues on Lake 1 will be undertaken if warranted following this evaluation.

While the above work is ongoing, the Board agreed that in the interim TOPS would fill the identified holes on Lake 1 as a temporary safety measure. A more permanent fill/fix will be undertaken at a later date if necessary using appropriate soil fill mixtures following the completion of the work noted above and identification of what the Board hopes to be a long-term solution to this issue.

Woodwind Lakes Update 


The community financials were reported and it was announced that there will NOT be an increase in the 2016 Annual Assessment Fee. Much of the meeting was devoted to discussing deed restrictions and the need for the HOA Board to enforce all deed restrictions. For many of us our homes are a major investment. The best way to protect our investment is to keep the community looking great and safe. All deed restrictions will be strictly enforced.


Any improvement outside the house must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee before construction begins. You can obtain an application on line on our website   www.woodwindlakes.us  or you can contact Sterling ASI.  Failure to get approval will result in a fine. All fines are listed on our website.

You should get a response regarding your application within 2 weeks. If you get no response contact Sterling to see what is holding up the process.

If the ACC denies your application you may appeal to the HOA Board by presenting your case at a monthly meeting.

Please protect your investment by all following deed restrictions. If you see any construction being done please contact Sterling and they will make sure an improvement application was completed and approved.

Trees in our community are essential to the beauty and character of our community. However we realize that from time to time a tree will need to be removed due to disease, lightning strikes, creating structural damage to your home and other reasons as well. Before removing a tree you must get approval from the Architectural Control Committee. You can obtain an application on line on our website   www.woodwindlakes.us  or you can contact Sterling ASI.

Thank you for being a Good Neighbor.

Woodwind Lakes HOA Board


2016 Woodwind Lakes HOA Officers:

Jim Walters –

Barbara Dooley – Treasurer

Polly Looper –

Jonathan Marrs – President


Effective immediately the gates at the pavilion, adult pool and tennis courts have been changed. You will no longer need the card to gain access. For access please call Sterling at 832-678-4500   


The Association of Woodwind Lakes


Date: June 15, 2016

Place: Windfern Utility District

14410 Manua Loa

Houston, Texas 77040 Time: 5:30 p.m.

I. Call to Order

II. Committee Reports
a. Constable
b. Guest Speakers
c. Trident Pool/GHLS Report
d. MUD #261- Greg Otten- Perimeter Wall updates
e. Grounds Committee- Projects and completions
f. Village- Section #4 Report

g. Neighborhood Activity

III. Guests or Homeowners to Address the Board

IV. Approval of  March 16th Meeting Minutes

V. Review Financial Report

VI. Pending Business

  1. Pool Furniture
  2. Lake Fountain Lights

VII. New Business

  1. Section 4 Gate Access System

VIII. Executive Session
a. Collection Report
b. Attorney’s Report
c. Deed Restriction Report

IX. Adjournment